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A day at Addo - 11 February 2006

10 February was our wedding anniversary so Janine & I went out for dinner at the newly resarected "Coachman" restuarant. A tasty meal off a 1980's steak house menu, a real blast from the past.

Saturday dawned bright & hot so we decided to do a family day and visit Addo Elephant Park. John, Rachel and the kids decided that it was a good idea so we all headed off to Addo. We arrived in the village just in time for lunch so we found a little restuarant and enjoyed a lovely lunch before heading off to view the pachyderms.

We were not dissapointed with lots of elephants drinking right at the camp. We drove around the park for a while and saw a few more elephants and smaller game but nothing major. After a beer to wash away the hot dust it was time to head home but only after a stop at the main gate to get some of John's money back. When asked where he was from John decided that to give the more cosmopolitan answer that they were from London was the correct thing to do. Little did he realise that this would mean that he would pay more than double the entrance fee for locals.

All in all a great day was had by all and it is still worth the drive to visit Addo and its attractions.

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