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Baby Meyburgh - 4 May 2005

Daniel's baby sister finally arrived at 15:17 yesterday.
As she was a week late it was decided that she would be induced. Not a complicated proceedure, it is merely the application of a gel.
We arrived at St George's Hospital at 06:20 for admission. Daniel came with to see where all the action would take place. I left at about 8:00 to take Daniel to Granny Sandy and have a bite and arrived back at about 9:45.
In the meantime Alta had arrived and was keeping an eye on things. Alta who is a midwife and a friend of ours was there for Daniel's arrival and was invaluable in making it a pleasant experience. This time was no exception.
After a little walk, including a visit to the Ron Belling Gallery, we arrived back at the hospital at 12:00.
Alta decided that it was time to move things along and ruptured the membrane. The contractions picked up after that with things getting serious at about 14:30. The rest, as they say, is history.
Daniel was very excited to finally get to see and touch his baby sister.
The name will be forthcoming soon.

At the hospitalShe has arrived!About 3minutes oldDad and daughterAlta3,84 kg'sGetting warmDaniel and his baby sisterThe happy familyHello sissy girlGranny Sandy and Grandpa Jack
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