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Christmas 2007 - 25 December 2007

Kate was up at 6:30 a.m. and Daniel shortly after. We opened a few presents before dashing off to church for the 8:30 service. We then returned home to open some more pressies before the Maher family arrived for tea. After exchanging pressies and spending some Wii time it was to the table for lunch.
The excitement of the day, and the previous night, was too much for Kate who passed out on the couch.
After everyone had left, and the kids were in bed, Glen and Janine managed some Wii time before crashing.

Kate and Daniel discover the loot Colt gets in on the action Daniel Kate Mikka - The curious kitty Kate and Gerty Nicole and Daniel draw while Gerty looks on Jack tries his hand at Wii golf Christmas lunch Rachel Nicole and John Sandy and Jack Kate
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