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Jeffries Bay - 12 February 2006

Another sweltering day but at least the breeze was keeping things bearable. We decided to visit J-Bay and maybe do some shopping at the surf shops, not! Arriving after 14:30 we found that everything was closed, even the first resturant we tried. After that we ended up at Guido's where Janine and Daniel had great calamari and I had to send my schwarma back because the meat was going off! Any way they brought another made with meat that was a little more fresh and it tasted acceptable. I would have expected that we would not be charged for the schwarma but no such luck!

We then decided to check out the Churchill dam and see how dire the water situation really was. By the time we arrived the wind was blowing gales, really great for climbing up the narrow stairs of the flood sluice with a 3 year old on your shoulders to get a view of the wall. (you can see the stairs in pict1787) Really interesting architecture and not a lot of water. Needless to say Daniel thought it was a pretty cool adventure.

Kate & Daniel - Lunch in Jeffries BayKateChurchill DamChurchill DamLow dam levelDaniel & KateDam WallPump HouseDaniel in the wind
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