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Karoo - April 2006

We decided to take a long weekend and travel into the Karoo.

20 April
We left Port Elizabeth and travelled to Graaf Reinet where we visited the Camdeboo National Park. There we took a little walk to check out the valley of desolation and the view from the Toposcope.
It was then on to Nieu Bethesda to visit the famous "Owl House". Click on the link to read about Helen Martins and her creation. Daniel decided that it was a good place to buy a windmill.
From Nieu Bethesda we headed east to the Mountain Zebra National Park just outside Cradock. We arrived there at about 17:00 so there was no time to take one of the "loops" to view some game before the camp's gate closed. We did however come across a herd of about 12 kudu on our way to the camp. We stayed in a two bedroom chalet which was comfortable enough with a patio and a braai with a fireplace in the lounge/kitchen. It was really great to sit at the braai listening to the jackals calling.

Nqweba Dam - Graaf ReinetValley of Desolation - Camdeboo Nat. ParkValley of DesolationJanine, Daniel, Glen & KateJanine & DanielGraaf ReinetDaniel testing a windmillNegotiating a purchaseDaniel - Owl HouseOwl HouseKate - Owl HouseOwl HouseCompassbergDaniel & Janine

21 April
After breakfast we travelled along the two "loops". The first was basically on a plateau where all the game hang out and the second travelled into the mountains, which are really picturesque. After our picnic we decided to take a short hike which is a 1,5km loop from the camp. Daniel found a huge yellow scorpion under a rock, even being warned by Janine that he was going to come across one he got a fright when he found it. It was then off to Tierkloof to visit Albre and PJ.

Red Hartebeest - Mountan Zebra Nat. ParkSpringbuck - Mountain Zebra Nat. ParkOstriches - Mountain Zebra Nat. ParkMountain Zebra Nat. ParkDanielClouds

22 April
After breakfast Daniel kept the dogs entertained before we went off to "The Lands" with PJ to collect a worker and check out the lucerne and lambs.
After a trip to Cradock to see how the town was holding up it was back to Tierkloof for lunch and a rest before taking a walk in the veld. Just what was needed to build a healthy appetite for some Karoo lamb on the braai.

TierkloofTierkloofTierkloofTierkloof Tierkloof

23 April
After a walk to the horses, playing with the dogs and a huge brunch it was time to head home. What a great time was had by all with Daniel most upset that we had to leave Mulberry (Albre), PJ, the dogs and the farm.

DanielKateKateJanine & KateAlbre, PJ, Janine, Kate, Glen & Daniel

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