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Paddafontein 2008 - 1-3 February

It was time for the annual SAPFA Bosberaad on the weekend of 1 - 3 February.
Chris, Denise and I flew up with BA and then hired a car to drive to Paddafontein after meeting up with Walter at OR Tambo.
Both Friday and Saturday meetings were followed by game drives and some really superb food.
Sunday morning saw just about everyone departing to various destinations and Chris, Denise and I driving to OR Tambo and flying home.
Another good meeting with some great ideas for the year ahead.
Thanks to Ron, Willie, Ursula and the farm staff for all their hard work.

Friday Game DriveRonBlack MambaGiraffeThe GangGiraffeGiraffeChris explaining things to Denise - Again!The FireUrsulaSome waterLone TreeDicky, Deon and RonChris and the StinsonZS-CUXDicky ready to rollDicky rollingRob - On the phone, again!Paul, Solly and Willie push the StinsonSolly, Willie and ChrisChris rollingRob lining up
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