A Little Rain 22-12-2004

We had a little rain this afternoon which caused some flooding in Port Elizabeth. Due to the municipality not cleaning out the storm water drains regularly there was a lot more water to contend with than there should have been.
At about 4:00pm it was a mad dash around the garden to rescue the tortoises which were climbing shrubs to escape the water. Managed to move all the adults but am not sure if any little ones didn't make it. After moving the tortoises I noticed that the street had flooded and that some neighbours were looking nervous. I decided to wade into the water and lift the grates off of the storm water drains. After doing this I couldn't understand why the water wasn't draining as fast as I thought it would. I then decided to stick my arm into the drain only to find it filled with sand and debris.
After a wade around the next door neighbour's yard I decided that I had better check out the back yard. I was met by scenes reminicent of past floods so it was time to wade into the yard to clear the drain holes at the bottom of the back wall.
The dogs thought that this was great fun, and so did Daniel once the water had subsided enough for him to wade into the yard as well.
Fortunately the rain stopped and the water disappeared after an hour or so.

The Yard The Jungle Gym Casey and Colt having fun Daniel