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Sedgefield 2006 - June 2006

It was Saturday and the long anticipated wait to get to the Wild Oats Market in Sedgefield was over. We had a stunning morning tasting all the new treats and delicacies that our hearts desired. We had an early lunch at the Market, as by 12:00 the Farmers Market closed. We then went over to the Scarab Craft Market where we saw a great deal of arts and crafts. Always interesting to see how many different forms of artwork are available. What we found particularly fascinating were model planes and trains made out of all sorts of scrap metal such as Jam cans etc which then become replica's of the real thing.

The next couple of days were spent boating, shopping, and picnicing. Daniel is absolutely mad about boats and planes and well we had to spoil him a little whilst we were on holiday and he managed to get a boat ride on most of the days, sometimes minus Mom and Kate and those became the boys bonding days. Daniel also had his 1st sailing experience when his dad took him out for a sail on a Hobie 16. Great fun for any father and son to get up to. We went shopping in George at the new Outenique mall and were fascinated by the selection of shops, alot of which are available to the Cape Town Market, but not yet available in PE.

Tuesday was a brilliant day for a picnic, the weather was absolutely stunning so we packed a picnic and headed for the mountains. We know of an isolated spot on top of a Spitskop were one has the most magic view, the sea off Knyna to the south and Uniondale and the mountains to the North. Kate had a piquant for Pesto and roast peppers and kept on heading back for more. Daniel kicked a ball around and built little roads. We also spotted some wasps collecting mud, quite interesting to see how they were very choosy about the consistency of mud that they gathered, presumably for their nests. Technology is awesome, on top of a mountain with a cell phone, laptop and a 3 G card Glen was able to connect to the internet and post to this site.
After stopping at the foredt station to check out the nursery we stopped at the Big Tree and went for a walk in the forest. It was then off to Knysna for coffee, hot chocolate and cake at Ille de Pain. Mmmmm, awesome!
pict0240.jpgPicnic on Spitskoppict0249.jpgpict0254.jpgKate having some pestoDanielpict0263.jpgpict0264.jpgpict0269.jpgpict0271.jpgpict0295.jpgpict0314.jpgpict0315.jpgpict0317.jpgpict0324.jpg

The next morning we spent some time on the vlei before taking a scenic route, via Karatara and the forests, to Knysna for a late lunch where Daniel hitched a ride with a fisherman on his "duck". It was then off to Victoria Bay to meet Tracy, John and the kids before going for dinner at their house in George.

Our last day started with Daniel and Glen taking a boat out on the vlei and then it was off to the Garden Route mall for some shopping.

On the way home we stopped at The Heath for a lovely lunch and to play on the rides. We also stopped at Old Nick, in Plett, to check out the art and Daniel wove a mini wall hanging before the final leg home.

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