Uncle Jumbo's Chrismas Party 11-12-2004

This year was the 41st Uncle Jumbo's Christmas Party, held annually by the local Rotoract. This was a first for Daniel and myself as Janine had been to a few as a kid. This year the venue was a field at the Lorraine Riding Club.
This really is a fun event starting with a tractor ride to the field and then a picnic and a few beers while the kids run around and play games with the clowns. Then it is time for Uncle Jumbo with sing-a-longs, games and Christmas Carols before Noddy and Big Ears make an appearance. After this it's time for presents and a photo with Father Christmas. It is then a short tractor ride back to the car park before heading home with a suitably tired little man.

A kiss for mom Daniel and Janine Daniel, Julie, Dave and Jarryd Glen and Daniel Daniel checks out Noddy's Car Daniel and Father Christmas Daniel, Tinkerbelle and Fairy