Christmas Day 2004

Being Christmas day Daniel was allowed to crawl into our bed early in the morning and stay. Before we went to church for the Christmas service Daniel was allowed to open his stocking stuffers.
After church it was present opening time much to the delight of the little man who is really getting into this Christmas spirit thing.
After that it was off to the Mahers for lunch, this was preceeded the African way by a Christmas day swim. The food was great but a special mention must go to Janine's Strawberry and Champagne Soup. After a little Zzzzzzzzzzz's it was time for desert and then presents round two.
The day was finished off with the traditional Christmas day drinks with the Blignaut's and Luis' which started at around 9p.m. After this it was fall into bed at 2a.m. Mmmmm.s

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